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10 November 2013
Asian Journal of Distance Education
ISSN  1347-9008 
©   2002 - 2013  The Asian Society of Open and Distance Education 
Copyright Form
      Please print out, sign and date Part A, and Part B or C, and send back by airmail post to Dr Paul Kawachi, Editor AsianJDE, Open University of China, 75 Fuxing Lu, Beijing 100039, P R China
Assignment of Copyright
      It is the policy of the Asian Society of Open and Distance Education (ASODE) to acquire copyright in all the material published in the Asian Journal of Distance Education (AsianJDE). Assignment assures that requests for permission to reproduce your article in printed or electronic media are handled systematically and in accordance with a general policy which is aware of the market and any relevant changes in international copyright legislation, and ensures the widest possible dissemination of the Journal, while protecting against possible infringement of the rights of both the author and the publisher.
      The author retains his or her moral rights in the article including the right to be identified as the author.
      Despite assigning copyright, the author retains the right to re-use the material in future collections of his or her own work without fee. Acknowledgements of prior publication in the Journal and of the copyright-holder are the only requirement in such cases.
      The author may make photocopies of, or distribute via electronic mail or fax, his or her own work for the author�s own teaching and research purposes provided (a) that such copies are not resold and (b) that reference to the original source of publication and the name of the copyright holder is clearly stated in any copies made of the article.
      The author�s consent will be sought before granting permission to any third party (other than ASODE) to re-typeset and reprint material in commercially published edited volumes (which is assumed to have been given if we have not heard from him or her within thirty days of writing to the last known address).
      Should the copyright be held by someone other than the author, for example the author�s employer, then ASODE as the Publishers require non-exclusive permission to administer requests from third parties. Such requests will be handled in accordance with Note 5 above, and all correspondence will be conducted with the author, who is presumed to be authorised by the copyright owner to deal with such questions on the owner�s behalf.
Part A
Name and address of Author(s) ; -

Title of Article : -

In consideration of the publication of my contribution in the Asian Journal of Distance Education (AsianJDE), I hereby warrant: (a) that in the case of joint authorship I have been authorised by all co-authors to sign this agreement on their behalf, and references to the singular shall include the plural as appropriate; (b) that this article is the author(s)� original work, has not been previously published elsewhere in its final or closely similar form either in printed or electronic form (including World Wide Web home pages, discussion groups and other electronic bulletin boards), and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; (c) that this article contains no violation of any existing copyright or other third party right or any material of an obscene, libellous or otherwise unlawful nature, and that I will indemnify and keep indemnified the Asian Society of Open and Distance Education (ASODE) and the Editors against all claims and expenses (including legal costs and expenses) arising from any breach of this warranty and the other warranties on my behalf in this agreement; (d) that I have obtained permission for reproduction in printed and electronic format and acknowledged the source of any illustrations, diagrams or other material included in the article of which I am not the copyright owner.
Signed                                                                     Date
Part B
In consideration of the publication of my article in the Asian Journal of Distance Education (AsianJDE), I with full title guarantee hereby assign to the Asian Society for Open and Distance Education (ASODE) the entire present and/or future copyright in the article throughout the world in any form and in any language and for the full term of such copyright including any extensions, renewals, revisions and revivals together with all accrued rights of action. I understand the implications of signing this copyright assignment form.
Signed                                                                     Date
Part C       - to be completed if the author is not the copyright owner
Name and address of current copyright holder (if not the author) ; -

The copyright holder hereby grants Asian Society for Open and Distance Education (ASODE) non-exclusive rights to deal with requests from third parties as specified overleaf and to publish the article in the above journal in any format throughout the world (including without limitation on optical disc, transmission over the internet and other communications networks, and in any other electronic form). I understand the implications of signing this copyright assignment form.
Signed                                                                     Date