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last updated
10 November 2013
Asian Journal of Distance Education
ISSN  1347-9008 
©   2002 - 2013  The Asian Society of Open and Distance Education 
      In order to disseminate the Journal as widely as possible, we request author(s) to sign the copyright transfer form - available electronically from us by email or as a hardcopy printout from us by airmail. It can also be printed out directly from here as an html webpage, or downloaded from here as a doc file or as a pdf file.

      If you need any help in this respect, please contact the Editor at the following email address -
      In most cases, the first-named author will sign for and on behalf of all authors if there are two or more authors. In certain cases, a company may be the copyright owner and not the named author(s), in which case the company or whoever is the owner should sign. In each case, send back the signed form by letter airmail post to any one of the Editors at one of the addresses given in the Guidelines page below.